Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Place to Play

Students at USF may wonder, "Where am I going to play soccer, swim, and swing once I have graduated USF and can't afford Koret?" Just down Turk and right after Stanyon, lies Rossi Recreation Center, a park consisting of a small pool, a playground , and other sports arenas. Here, the swimming is cheap ($3.60 per swim for adults with Scrip Tickets) and the baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, and playground are free.

Scrip tickets mean you can swim 10 times for $36.00 rather than $40.00. Its not much off, but on the first-year-out budget any savings will help. Srip Tickets can be purchased at City Hall, room 140 or at McLaren Lodge on 501 Stanyon just at the east tip of Golden Gate park. The pool is open all week, so is everything else.

Two slides, what looks like a jungle gym from hell, a hammock, swings, a teter-toter, and much, much more make up the kid's paradise that is Rossi playground. There are two baseball/softball fields, two tennis courts, one basketball court, and a large open field to keep big kids occupied. There is also a pool hoop.

This place to play has a convenient inner-richmond location great for families, friends, and first-year-out college graduates. This place is also wheelchair accessible and has restrooms and parking.

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laura_p said...

i had no idea this place existed! good to know :)