Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Great Stone Cross

Prayer-Book Cross is at the top of Angel Falls in Golden Gate park, San Francisco.

"Its Huge!" said Dino Bischofberger, "I remember when I ran up there. It was like, 'where did this thing come from?' You know, it reminds me of that huge Brazilian Jesus Cross." Bischofberger is a recent graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Business.

Lucas Bischofberger, a sophmore at the University of San Francisco, said he thinks it is crazy he's never seen a cross of that size in the park. He thinks of the monument as more of art than a religious icon. "Absolutely I will go see it. It sounds ridiculous," said Bischofberger.

Liz Sylva, a resident of San Francisco, said that compared with the Saint Ignatius Church, located just beyond the east end of Golden Gate park, the Prayer-Book cross is less religous and more of a park monument, like the Japanese Tea Garden.

"I know where [Angel Falls] is, but aren't there just trees up there?" said Tony Acosta, another resident of San Francisco. "I guess I wouldn't make a point to check it out, but I guess I would if it was convenient."

An older view of Prayer-Book Cross.

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Mie said...

thebes: "I believe the cross is like a big bird monument...it's ridiculous!"