Thursday, May 08, 2008

Final Map of Digital Journalism

See the City

By: Miles, Laura, Austin, Brigid, Emilia, Silver, and myself

CommunityWalk Map - USF, the Park, and San Francisco

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

Its good to know our stadiums like money, cause without it we couldn't have had Bonds as a fixture At the Park. Sometimes we all drink too much beer at McAfee stadium in Oakland and need a little help Getting Home from the A's.
You have too much Graffiti, City!
Don't be fooled, this tangle of metal is really A Place to Play.
These Ain't No Frisbees. No really, this isn't the right pic and it just keeps coming up?
Take a break from society and enter Lucas' Secret Garden.
Despite all the hustle and bustle, its good to know there is still a place for A Simple Cast and Reel.
Prayer-Book Cross looms over Angel Falls, can you See It?
Seth Wachtel knows the USF organic garden is More than Plants.. Brewster Kahle and a Free Net is one way to a true democratic, creative commons that incorporates the intellectual.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At the Park

It's hard spending money at a stadium that you know is affiliated with a rising monopoly quite bent on fucking your wallet every month. I'm with my professor David Silver on this one; we don't need corporate names on our stadiums. Isn't there something innately public-space about ballparks? Maybe; maybe not. I just wish a portion of my Giants purchases went towards my phone bill since a portion of my phone bill obviously went to the Giants. However, we did have fun.

I guess one little ad never hurt anyone, especially since once we are inside it will be baseball, beer, seeds, dip, and a probable hurricane of San Franciscan cheer. We enter and suddenly...

...Oh! whats this? Safeway, Budweiser, more AT&T, Levis, Playstation, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Visa, Chevron, Emerald, Coca-Cola, CHW...Yahoo! America's favorite pass-time: Capitalism. What a sight though--the setting sun illuminating the flurry of billboards one last time as it retreats into the western horizon.

I can only imagine a Maverick-esc scene taking place in the steamboat below. I guess among this crowd gambling is considered a pretty honest living. Plus, from what I saw no one was thrown off the boat--a truthful sign.

The average baseball player salary is close around $3,000,000. The average cardiovascular surgeon makes around $500,000. The average conservationist earns about $55,000. Surgeons, when did baseball players start out-banking you (1987)? I'm thinking we could utilize more corporate branding in the open heart surgery business. And conservationists, there is definitely a market for the mass corporate "logo-lization" of trees. Imagine companies being able to reach their consumer base everywhere, even deep within old growth forests. Potentially, AT&T could have their logo branded on every tree in the world.

Sorry if this post was a bit negative...the Giants did lose on a balk.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Home from the A's

Getting back to the University of San Francisco from an Oakland A's game is easy. Straight from the A's Stadium corridor, take Blue or Green BART (Daly City/Millbrae/San Francisco) to the City and catch MUNI once in SF. From BART to USF is easy. Just Get off at the Civic Center stop and walk to Mcallister to jump on the 5. The 5 will take you up to Fulton and Clayton...USF!
Get the full view.

Basically you go from McAfee Stadium...

Home of the Oakland Athletics, McAfee Coliseum has been a member of the Bay Area sports arena since 1966. When built, is was a $25.5 million dollar hole in the wall. Now, after 1996, $200 million dollars in renovations make the Coliseum a comfortable piece of Oakland's culture, quite literally. The 50,000 capacity space holds audiences for the Athletics as well as the NFL's Oakland Raiders.

To the McAfee BART corridor...

Walking down this corridor, after a big A's win, was a riot of excitement. Athletic fans roared and victory chants rattled the chain-link overhang. Athlough crowded, the corrider funnels people into BART cars suprisingly fast; we were out of the stands and in SF in 30 mins.

...and to the trains.

So clean you can eat off the seat-back in front of you. No, its actually dirty--but its a train, not a plate. People on the trains after the A's games always mingle. I've never seen so much interaction among the mass of strangers that ride public transportation daily.

Get off at the Civic Center and Head up to the UN Plaza...

Part of the Market Street Reconstruction Project, the UN Plaza was built in 1975; an underground BART intallation lent room above for the pedestrian mall. The UN Plaza is one of many land marks of San Francisco's Civic Center, an epicenter of cultural and governmental institutions. The Civic center also includes City Hall.

Go to the north side of City Hall to catch the MUNI 5 on Mcallister and Polk...

City Hall has been around since 1915. MUNI was started after the 1906 Earth Quake. The 5 runs from City Hall, all the way to Ocean Beach along Golden Gate Park.

Take the 5 all the way to Fulton and Clayton, to USF.

The University of San Francisco began educating hearts and minds to change the world in 1855.

A map of the way.
CommunityWalk Map - Getting Home from the A's

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Graffiti, City

On a walk back from paying the bills I took some shots of graffiti around the Mission District in San Francisco. Graffiti is the relative art of organic intellectuals. Or maybe its nothing.

"It is boundless freedom."
A Lady.
Trade Up.
Daff .
J. Griff...
Nevermind the plates. Mitso.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Place to Play

Students at USF may wonder, "Where am I going to play soccer, swim, and swing once I have graduated USF and can't afford Koret?" Just down Turk and right after Stanyon, lies Rossi Recreation Center, a park consisting of a small pool, a playground , and other sports arenas. Here, the swimming is cheap ($3.60 per swim for adults with Scrip Tickets) and the baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, and playground are free.

Scrip tickets mean you can swim 10 times for $36.00 rather than $40.00. Its not much off, but on the first-year-out budget any savings will help. Srip Tickets can be purchased at City Hall, room 140 or at McLaren Lodge on 501 Stanyon just at the east tip of Golden Gate park. The pool is open all week, so is everything else.

Two slides, what looks like a jungle gym from hell, a hammock, swings, a teter-toter, and much, much more make up the kid's paradise that is Rossi playground. There are two baseball/softball fields, two tennis courts, one basketball court, and a large open field to keep big kids occupied. There is also a pool hoop.

This place to play has a convenient inner-richmond location great for families, friends, and first-year-out college graduates. This place is also wheelchair accessible and has restrooms and parking.