Thursday, May 08, 2008

Final Map of Digital Journalism

See the City

By: Miles, Laura, Austin, Brigid, Emilia, Silver, and myself

CommunityWalk Map - USF, the Park, and San Francisco

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

Its good to know our stadiums like money, cause without it we couldn't have had Bonds as a fixture At the Park. Sometimes we all drink too much beer at McAfee stadium in Oakland and need a little help Getting Home from the A's.
You have too much Graffiti, City!
Don't be fooled, this tangle of metal is really A Place to Play.
These Ain't No Frisbees. No really, this isn't the right pic and it just keeps coming up?
Take a break from society and enter Lucas' Secret Garden.
Despite all the hustle and bustle, its good to know there is still a place for A Simple Cast and Reel.
Prayer-Book Cross looms over Angel Falls, can you See It?
Seth Wachtel knows the USF organic garden is More than Plants.. Brewster Kahle and a Free Net is one way to a true democratic, creative commons that incorporates the intellectual.