Sunday, September 24, 2006

Elevator Intro

On this page, Michael J. Robertson’ s Feature Writing class holds witness to six accounts of 30 minute elevator rides, each with its own tale of sensory perception. In one elevator, the stench of stale Nacho Cheese Dorito chips wafts in with an entrant, alleviating in minutes, while the smell of relish and perfume tainted popcorn are the permanent residents of others. Dim florescent lighting and bright colored signs en-trance the eyes of unsuspecting riders while inside these descendants of stairs, recreating the Ca and Mogley scene in the Jungle Book. Profanity, mouse-squeaks, and polite beeps liter the enclosed spaces with some of the most peculiar noise pollution some have ever heard. And characters such as the Brown Hawaiian Shirt Man, the single white nat, and packs of Bon Appetit employees play critical roles in each of the six vertical productions. Accounts, from six different elevators are around the USF campus, describe events beginning with packages reeking of cigarettes to encounters ending in awkward flirtation. Please, read on.

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