Monday, December 04, 2006

Please, oh please..

An inquiry letter asking for permission.
To: Mindy Talmadge
SF Fire Dept.
For: Chief of Department
My name is Jacob Marx and I am a student at the University of San Francisco. I am inquiring today about receiving permission from the SF Fire Department to interview one of its firefighters, Ken Corderro, and do a personal profile on him. The profile will be positive in nature and focus on the many physical and emotional challenges firefighters endure on a daily basis. Some specific aspects will include how a firefighter copes with death, why he got into this line of work, and what he hopes to accomplish when he goes out on a mission. Other personal questions will be asked such as: how firefighting affects family life at home, what emotional baggage does the fighter bring to and from work, and what the hardest part of his job is.
Other parts of this feature will include a short personal history on Corderro as well as some historical information on Station #12 and the rest of the SF Fire Department. I will also ask Corderro to describe a firefighting situation that has greatly influenced or affected him—of course leaving out names of victims and addresses if that is prohibited. It is my intention in doing this story to show the public the ins and outs of a firefighter in his station, rather that the details of a specific fire. Also, in doing this piece, I personally hope to gain a better understanding of the SF Fire Dept.
The reason for doing this story, if it works out well, is to send it out for possible publication in local Bay Area magazines. It will also be posted on the USF online magazine Blogs on a Plane. A little bit about me: I am a junior Media Studies major, minoring in Journalism and Pre-Law. I have been news reporting for two years now and see myself continuing the trade in the future.
I thank you for your time and hope you will grant me permission to do this profile.
Jacob Marx

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